Seven prompts. Seven days. Eight illustrations. One challenge. Wanna see what I came up with?
Try me
Portrait of a fierce woman being on fire, a girl that is a powerhouse by Monsie
Amen! Hell, no! Awomen! 
A portrait of three women with different skin colors. The representation and sisterhood that is a part of female life experience
Women with Vision
Inspired by the one and only Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
A portrait inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez depicting a strong woman with vision by Monsie
Dear Body,
you are an infinite vehicle for learning, experiencing, and growing. Here’s to the new adventures. 
Infinity, female body, nudity, experience, self-discovery by Monsie
You Time
Time for exploration, growth, jumping into the unknown. Sometimes organized vision…
Image of a woman with her head down facing the new adventures and jumping into the unknown

but most of the time a creative mess

Woman jumping into the unknown, to a creative mess full of different shapes and colors
Aren’t we mirrors to each other? ​​​​​
Aren't we mirrors to each other? One can't exist with the other by Monsie
You are worth it
How are you feeling today?
Image of a dark skinned woman with wings of a butterfly spread boldly by Monsie
Cover, editorial illustraton for The Guardian UK about weekend loneliness illustrated by Monsie Monika Jurczyk
Monday Motivation
Mobilitat der zukunft Future mobilty cover