I was asked by the Stern editorial team to create a set of illustrations on the future of mobility. This rapidly developing area can change all aspects of how we travel and move goods. What are the future trends? How to transform the transportation landscape to make it more eco-friendly and efficient?

Mobilitat der zukunft Future mobilty cover
An image of a city of the future, means of transportations
Electric car
Map of Europe with means of transportation and charging stations
Drone carrying a parcel_future mobility
Train, tube, color
Cars of the future in the colorful city
Tracking app, electric scooter, searching for the closest e-scooter rental
Cities of the future, charging stations
Company cars on a parking lot
City of the future with means of transportation
Between the covers, woman reading an erotic novel
Intertwined_two women of colour connected with each other black magic women
Rise and slay queen kick it woman fighter color